Acoustic Tasting



Acoustic Tasting


In selected communities we offer a acoustic tasting experience. Acoustic in the sense that you make up your own opinion before taking consideration of the “music sheet”, reflections and points made by the winemaker. By four selected wines and the tasting sheet you make your own interpretation. All with the basis in the BLIC.

BALANCE – Think of it as a set of scale, with fruit and sugar on one side, and acidity and tannins on the other side. How is the overall balance? How well integrated are each component?

LENGTH – How long is the pleasant sensation in your mouth after swallowing the wine? Generally, wines that are intense also have a long finish.

INTENSITY – Refers to the wines “concentration”.

COMPLEXITY – Complex flavours and aromas are desirable features in a wine. The more different flavours you find the more complexity. However, simplicity is not always negative, and not all premium wine are complex; sometimes purity and clarity is what makes a wine great.

The tasting is conducted by yourself and friends, with a support of our guidelines made with the Winemaker. After the tasting, you are able to order your favourite ones directly from Italy to your domestic address in Sweden.

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